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My name is Mohammad davoudi knwon as Lantan, born in Isfahan, in December 14, 1991. I was interested in sounds since childhood, in age thirteen, the sounds' world was the most fascinating thing to me and as a teenager my major hobby was exploring into FL Studio Software. Day after day I put down roots in music land more and more. In highschool my major was mathematics but I withdrew from school in pre-university, most of the time I was wearing headphones and listening to hip hop music, and i really loved it. In 2008 I joined the "Rap Larzeh" band which was stablished by Sahand Quazi. That cooperation resulted in production of several single tracks and one album and improved my self-confidence to start producing hip hop beats more professionally and work with other professional artists such as Tesla, Jastina and Khalvat. In 2011 I Stablished "Kook Studio" in which I had lots of new experiences and I also improved my music knowledge which lead to New cooperation with well-known artists like Sadeq and Shayea . In 2016 I participated in Armenian Renaissance International Festival and they offered me a certification. Now I am still a hip hop beat producer and I also love instrumental music, game's sound design and Film Scoring.


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